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May Goals: Social Media + Blog

It’s May! How crazy is that?! We celebrated our 2nd anniversary on Monday, but we didn’t really do anything super special (we’ll go out to eat this weekend) and now it’s back to work and life! But Griff is done with his classes and I’ve got a million things to do with work and my blog which is why I wanted to sit down and write my goals for May down. Let’s get started.


  • Reach 1000 followers on Instagram. Last week I wrote a post about Growing Your Instagram Organically¬†and in the past two weeks, I’ve gained 200 new followers! I’m hoping to hit 1000 this month.
  • Follow 10 new bloggers. I LOVE following bloggers on Instagram, and I’m looking for new ones to follow, any suggestions?
  • Post 5-6 times a week. I’ve been working hard to post every day as I grow my Instagram, and this month won’t be any different! ((How do you come up with content to post?? –> I’m planning on writing more on this subject later))

Follow me on Instagram.


  • Tweet 2-5 times a day.
  • Engage with the people I follow. All too often I simply scroll through Twitter and do nothing. But I’m trying to engage. Replying, liking, and RT.
  • Follow 10 new people this month. I’m looking for bloggers, book lovers, and writers to follow!
  • Reach 750 followers. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to get engagement on Twitter and find new followers, I’ve been growing slowly but surely, and for now, that works for me.

Follow me on Twitter.


  • Post once a week on blog pages. I AM SO SO SO BAD at posting on my Facebook pages (which means I’m also not surprised that I have less than 30 followers on each) this month I’d like to start posting more consistently. I mean… I really just need to share my blog posts!
  • Share at least one outside post. I don’t want my pages to be full of only my content, so I’ll be on the lookout for blog posts and photos to share to my pages.

Follow my personal blog and this blog.


Web Hosting


  • Post MWF on my personal blog and TTh on this blog. I know. Lot’s of posting. But I made a plan a few weeks ago of all the content, some of which is already written. Now it’s just a matter of creating images and actually posting the blog posts.
  • Create an email list….. AHHH this truly terrifies me for some reason, but I am doing to work on this for 10 minutes every day. Keeping things simple as I start out, and then growing as this blog grows.
  • Share my blog on social media! I still haven’t really shared this blog at all… and I just changed up some things on my personal blog, so… there’s lots of sharing that needs to be done! But I’m ready to get to work.

There’s so much to do this month, but I’m ready to hustle and work hard. I love social media, I love my job, and I love sharing what I know with all of you! What are some of your social media/blog goals this month?


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