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June Goals + Writing Again

Oh boy, May was a crazy month and I’m so embarrassed that I didn’t even TRY to write on this blog… Like at all. Dang. But for June, I’ll be doing better.  In May we were still working hard to train our puppy and I moved my personal blog from Blogger to WordPress/SiteGround and that took more energy and time than I’d anticipated. But, I’m back. Let’s look back at my May goals and talk about what I’ll be doing this month.

May Goals:

  • Reach 1000 followers on Instagram. I didn’t reach this goal in May, because around the middle of May I sort of stopped caring about everything. I knew that this goal was achievable, but I didn’t put in the work.
  • Follow 10 new bloggers (on Instagram). I did find some new bloggers to follow on Instagram! What bloggers do you follow?
  • Reach 750 followers on Twitter. I also hit this goal! Thanks to Twitter Chats (I’ll be writing a post on Twitter chats later this month) but, my follower count is now 871 because I joined the conversation and made new friends!
  • Create an email list. I fell short on this one as well. Dang. May goals were hard!

I actually have few more goals from May which you can see here, but I wanted to jump into my social media goals for June.

June Goals:

This month I’m taking a different approach, I’m following my passion. I have a lot of goals that deal with writing and reading. It’s only the 6th and I’ve fallen behind on some of my goals for this month already, but the month is still young and I’m ready to work. Along with those goals, I have just a few goals for my social media platforms + my blogs to keep things up and running.


  • Hit 1000 followers on my personal account. I know I can do this, I just actually need to post and engage daily.
  • Follow 5 new bloggers. I love following new bloggers, but I also love to see what my friends and family are up to, so I’ll lower this number but still find new people to follow!

Follow me on Instagram!


  • Join in on 2 Twitter chats. I haven’t decided which Twitter chat’s I’ll be joining this month, but last month Twitter Chat’s was HUGE in growing my Twiter account! I gained a ton of followers because of them and I’m excited about the connections I made!
  • Hit 900 followers on Twitter. I am still so unsure of how growing your Twitter works, for now, it’s a work in progress but I still want to be growing each month.

Follow me on Twitter!


  • Post my blog posts on my Facebook Page. So simple, so easy, I just need to start doing that.
  • Gain 10 followers on both of my Facebook pages! I have no idea how to do this, Facebook has been on the back burner for so long now that I want to make it more of a priority.


  • Write a blog post M-F! Dang. This is the one that’s so hard, but also so good for me. I’ll be posting on this blog every Tuesday and then on My Hopeful Story M, W-F. It’s a lot, but I have so many post ideas that I really do just need to sit down and write them. Weekends will be great for this, but I’m a little behind this week since we went and saw Wonder Woman on Saturday and I didn’t blog at all!
  • And again, share my posts. On ALL of my social media platforms. I do this occasionally, but I want to be consistent.

I’m hoping that these goals will be simple and achievable. This summer I’d really like to grow my blogs and social media before I start school again in the Fall. There’s a lot to do until then, but I’m excited about the challenge! What are your social media goals this month?


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